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Michelin Tyres

Are you thinking of buying premium tyres?

Michelin is one of the leading premium tyre manufacturers worldwide with outstanding models for different vehicle types. These tyres reduce wear and enhance driving comfort.

Car Repairs Team is a renowned workshop offering Michelin tyres Leicester. You can come to us at Unit 5 Clarendon Business Park, Oakland Road, Leicester, LE2 6AP. Alternatively, you can place an online order via our online tyre finding tool. You need to put your car registration number and make your purchase.

Let’s have a look at our Michelin collection.

Our collection of Michelin tyres Leicester

Summer Model: Michelin Latitude Sport3

This tyre has extreme efficiency on wet roads, thanks to its tough central rib that helps enhance high torque transfer during accelerating and braking on wet roads. The tyre has unique rubber compounds and tread structures that ensure high mileage and durability. In addition, the two-ply carcass helps in enhanced control and performance.

Winter Model: Latitude® X-Ice® XI2

This model offers enhanced braking and cornering performance on snowy and icy roads owing to the wide tread contact patch and specialised tread compound. Besides, the FleX-Ice™ compound, Micro-Pumps and Cross Z Sipe technology help deliver superior traction and control on snow or ice.

Opt for this premium winter model for optimal safety, control and reliability on snowy tracks.

All Season Model: Pilot® Sport All Season 4

This tyre offers suitable performance in different weather conditions throughout the year. It features an asymmetric tread pattern, 360-degree Variable Sipe Technology, biting edges, etc. You can install this variant if you aren’t keen on spending on seasonal variants each year.

We also 4x4, RFTs and other variants.

Put an end to ‘Michelin tyres near me’ search and come down to us. To know more, you can contact us on 01164 293528.