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Are you looking for Summer Check for your vehicle?

Opting for a comprehensive summer check is vital for making your car summer-ready. It ensures all essential vehicle components are in optimal condition to beat the road challenges of the summer months.

If you are looking for a reliable workshop that offers car summer checks Leicester, visit Car Repairs Team.

Our workshop is highly sought-after for our efficient car services. We have a dedicated team of experts performing all necessary services on most car models.

Our team will offer professional summer checks and solutions to ensure your car performs optimally during the hottest months.

What does our summer check Leicester contain?

The various inspections in our summer check Leicester are:

Tyres check

During our summer check services, we will check whether the tyre tread depth meets the legal requirements of 1.6 mm. In addition, we will inspect the tyre carcass condition and look for damages.

If we find that the tyres installed on your car are not in proper condition, we will recommend a replacement. You can opt to buy a suitable summer variant from our tyre collection.


Our experts will inspect every component of your car battery like the wires, cables, charging system, terminals, etc.

In case of any underlying fault, they will replace the batteries. Our experts will also check and refill the battery fluid if required.

Engine oil check

Our summer vehicle servicing Leicester comprises inspection of engine oil and coolant levels and refilling them as required to ensure a matchless driving experience.

Apart from this, our car summer check also includes:

  • Air-con check
  • Windscreen wiper check and more.

Are you interested?

Then browse no more for ‘summer check near me’ and call us on 01164 293528 to schedule an appointment or get a quote.