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Are you looking for Tyre Labelling for your vehicle?

If you plan on purchasing new car tyres Leicester, you should be aware of the most recent tyre labelling regulations, which came into effect on May 1, 2021.

Car Repairs Team has updated its tyre inventory with the latest models that feature the updated EU tyre label.

Also, for the convenience of our clients, we have explained the current tyre labelling rules in a simplified way below.

Have a look!

New updates in tyre labels

Fuel efficiency rating

Car tyres will henceforth be classified as A to E in terms of fuel efficiency.

Tyres with an A rating have significantly reduced rolling resistance and improved fuel efficiency. On the other hand, the tyres with an E grade will have the lowest fuel efficiency.

Wet grip performance

According to the new regulations, car tyres will be rated from A to E for wet grip.

The models with an A rating provide excellent braking performance on wet roads. On the other hand, those tyres with an E rating have poor braking performance.

Noise emission

A, B or C are the ratings for a tyre's noise emission level. For example, a tyre with low noise will receive an A grade, whereas one with a high noise emission level will receive a B rating.

Tyres with a C rating are prohibited.

Additional rules

There are some other new EU tyre labelling rules that you must keep in mind while buying tyres Leicester. These include:

  • Nordic winter tyre labels will have a stalagmite symbol.
  • Tyres built for snow performance will now have a 3PMSF symbol.
  • All EU labels will now have a QR code. These QR codes will give detailed information and verification about a particular tyre model from the EU database EPREL.

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