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Want to book MOT Leicester?


Is your vehicle’s MOT about to expire soon? Car Repairs Team can help you to get Certified for MOT in Leicester for your vehicles.

What is MOT?

Ministry of Transport or MOT is a compulsory annual assessment. Once your car completes three years, it should appear for an MOT check. This is to ensure it adheres to road safety and environmental-friendliness guidelines.

Our experts inspect car components in MOT checks as per the DVSA guidelines. Passing the MOT, your car receives a VT20 certificate and a VT30 certificate on failing the test on one or more rounds.

In case of failure, the VT30 certificate includes the issues that led to failure. We place these issues under the following categories:

  • Dangerous
  • Major
  • Minor 

Note: When you receive a VT30 certificate, you can opt for post-MOT repairs from us, following which you can choose a partial re-test free of cost. Yet, it must take place within the next ten working days.

Class 4 and 7 vehicles

We provide the best MOT Leicester licensing for class 4 and 7 vehicles.

Class 4 vehicles

This category includes vehicles like: 

  • Cars with 8-passenger seats 
  • Motor caravans
  • Three-wheeled vehicles with more than 450 kg weight
  • Taxis, etc.

Class 7 vehicles

This category includes vehicles such as:

  • Private passengers vehicles
  • Ambulances with 13 and more seats, etc.

If your vehicle comes under these categories, book MOT Leicester with us.

You have to make an appointment for the test. To learn about booking our MOT, you can give us a call at 01164293528 or drop a mail at info@carrepairsteam.co.uk. Once confirmed, you can reach us at Unit 5 Clarendon Business Park, Oakland Road, Leicester, LE2 6AP.

Components we check in an MOT 

Here is a list of various components that we inspect during the MOT assessment:

Exhaust system

We will check your vehicle’s exhaust system to ensure the components are working and the emission level is within the permissible limits. 


Our team will check tyre condition, tread depth, carcass condition, etc., ensuring they are in proper condition. Your car tyres should have the smallest tread depth of 1.6 mm.


We will check the entire braking system components. Which includes the brake pedals, disc, brake fluid, callipers, rotors, etc. 

This is to ensure the functionality of all its parts.

Steering and suspension

Suspension and steering should function for optimal car handling and safety. Our team will inspect the steering oil level, steering lock mechanism, shock absorbers etc. 



Malfunctioning lights can lead to potential safety hazards. Professionals at our facility will check the condition of the headlamps, tail lamps, hazard lamps, etc. 

This is to ensure they are working.

Apart from these, we also check:


  • Vehicle external structure 
  • Seatbelts
  • Doors 
  • Mirrors
  • Seat
  • Registration plates
  • Bonnet
  • Horn, etc.

Why choose us?

We have a team of efficient technicians trained to inspect your car components following the DVSA guidelines. Moreover, we will conduct pre-MOT checks to help your car pass its test in one attempt. We will perform a free partial re-test (within ten working days of the actual test) if you let us conduct post-MOT repairs.

Book Our Cheapest MOT Leicester today!