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Apollo Tyres

Apollo is a tyre manufacturing firm based in India, founded in 1972. It has a global reputation for tyres with consistent quality and comes with highly-advanced features.

If you are looking for Apollo tyres Leicester at an affordable price, then Car Repairs Team has you covered.

We stock a superb inventory of Apollo tyres for various makes and models. Therefore, we have units for all, whether an SUV, a standard passenger car or any premium car model.

Order them through our website, or visit our garage to purchase these tyres.

What Apollo tyres can we offer?

At our facility, you can buy Apollo tyres Leicester from various categories like:

Summer Tyres

Summer tyres from Apollo, such as Alnac 4G and Altrust Summer, are made with a special hard rubber compound that provides excellent grip and traction on summer surfaces.

With their revolutionary tread pattern and unique tread bars, these tyres offer aquaplaning resistance.

Winter Tyres

The Alnac 4G Winter and Alnac Winter models from Apollo have numerous sipes and unique tread structures that provide excellent traction on snow and slush.

Even when temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius, the silica-infused softer rubber compound keeps them flexible.

All-Season Tyres

In moderate temperature conditions, these Apollo car tyres provide unrivalled hydroplaning resistance, stability and handling stability.

Invest in Alnac 4G All Season or Alnac All Season models for year-round safety and performance.

Performance Tyres

These deliver superior handling, responsiveness and driving experience than ordinary car tyres. The performance tyres feature rigid sidewalls and low profiles, enhancing traction and cornering at higher speeds.

Aspire 4 and Aspire 4G are some best-selling Apollo performance tyres at our workshop.

Apart from these, we also stock run-flat and 4×4 units in our facility.

Therefore, end your searches for ‘Apollo tyres near me’ and reach us.