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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?

Did you know that inaccurately balanced car wheels can jeopardise your on-road safety?

To avoid such circumstances, feel free to visit Car Repairs Team, a professional vehicle service centre offering wheel balancing services Leicester. Our services are available at reasonable rates.

We house a team of experienced technicians adept at using state-of-the-art tools to provide accurate balancing services. They will detect the out-of-balance areas of your vehicle wheels and balance them promptly.

Note: If you purchase car tyres from us, we will offer a wheel balancing check for free during tyre installation.

So, to maintain equal distribution of weight across your vehicle tyre and wheel assembly, make sure to visit our facility at Unit 5 Clarendon Business Park, Oakland Road, Leicester, LE2 6AP.

When should you opt for our wheel balancing service?

Prompt and routine wheel balancing checks are necessary for optimum car handling performance. Several factors can disrupt this balance and result in some glaring signs like:

Uneven tread wear

You will notice uniform tyre wear if your car wheel’s balance is intact. On the contrary, unbalanced car wheels will lead to asymmetric tread wear. If you observe rapid and uneven tread wear, feel free to reach out to us!

Steering Vibrations

If you feel odd vibrations or juddering on your car’s steering wheel while driving, it is time to visit us for comprehensive wheel balancing Leicester.

Ineffective shock absorbers and loud noise

Wheel imbalance compromises your vehicle’s suspension system and wheel bearings. It also puts additional pressure on these bearings, resulting in loud noise and compromised safety. Further, you might experience frequent bumpy rides because of damaged shock absorbers.

Additionally, you might notice a loose steering wheel if your car wheels are out-of-balance. It can severely affect your car’s control.

Why choose us?

On noticing the symptoms, come to our facility for a professional wheel balancing service. Our technicians follow a comprehensive method to balance your vehicle wheels. The steps involved are:

  • Unmounting your car wheels
  • Placing them in an advanced wheel balancing machine
  • Rotating the wheels at high speeds and taking note of the readings to detect the spots of imbalance
  • Comprehending the data and balancing the wheels per the manufacturer’s recommendations

Sounds good?

Call us on 01164 293528 today for more information regarding booking appointments or quotes.

You can also drop a mail at info@carrepairsteam.co.uk.