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Are you looking for Screen Wash & Wiper Blades for your vehicle?

Keeping your car's windscreen clean for a clear on-road view, especially at night or in severe weather, is highly essential.

Wiper blades are responsible for clearing off rain, snowflakes, pollen, frost, dirt, etc., from the windshield to provide superior visibility for safe driving.

Like all other car parts, wiper blades can suffer wear and tear and require periodic replacement.

Our automobile manufacturers recommend replacing wiper blades at least once a year to ensure that your windscreen is clean. Your car wiper blades must also be in working order to pass MOT.

As a result, for maximum safety, car owners should choose a routine screen wash Leicester and wiper blades replacement Leicester from a reliable facility like ours!

Why choose us?

Our experts will efficiently top up your car's screen washer in the windscreen washer system using top-grade solutions.

They will also check the windscreen washer pump to ensure it optimally transfers the washer fluid from the reservoir to the washer nozzle.

If we find the motor is not working correctly, we will offer prompt replacements with OE-grade spares.

We are a trusted destination for windscreen washer service Leicester for several reasons like:

  • Affordable rates
  • Honest suggestions
  • Competent experts
  • Detailed inspection

You can call us on 01164 293528 or mail your queries to info@carrepairsteam.co.uk.