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Are you looking for Remapping for your vehicle?

Remaps or ECU remapping come with several benefits – they help maximise an engine’s performance, improve mileage and enhance throttle response. But the entire remapping process is immensely intricate and demands professional understanding.

The technicians at Car Repairs Team come with considerable in-hand experience in conducting remaps for different vehicular makes and delivering top-quality services of ECU remapping Leicester. They can chip and tune a car’s ECU according to desired requirements with precision and ease.

So, if you are looking for a reliable service station providing efficient remaps Leicester at nominal rates, look no further than us.

A glimpse at the remapping process at Car Repairs Team

Engine remapping involves re-setting and tuning the default software that the manufacturer has provided with third-party software customised according to your driving requirements. Remaps help derive the maximum power out of a vehicle’s engine.

At Car Repairs Team, the technicians follow an elaborate procedure of car engine remapping. Here is how it looks:

Firstly, we understand your specific driving requirements and tap into the OBD port of your vehicle, situated under the dashboard.

By doing so, our technicians take the reading of the current ECU map or variable settings. It helps understand the originally programmed manufacturer software settings. Also, it allows us to determine the possible adjustments.

Following that, we share the findings with the specialist remapping team. This dynamic team develops software or re-adjusts the present one according to your requirements. They entirely override the ECU setting with exclusively designed third-party software.

Advantages of remaps

Illustrated below are some of the advantages of engine remapping Leicester:

Enhanced Horsepower

ECU remaps also maximise torque output, accelerating power and horsepower of a vehicle. With all that, you will benefit from a thrilling and uncompromised driving experience.

Efficient Throttle Response

The throttle response improves with the installation of advanced third-party software. Owing to that, you will enjoy a smooth control and driving experience even at high speeds.

Improved Fuel Economy

Remaps help improve car engine performance by burning less fuel.

Looks interesting?

Then refrain from ‘remaps near me’ searches and drive down to our address - Unit 4 Clarendon Business Park, Oakland Road, Leicester, LE2 6AP. Alternatively, you can contact us by calling on 01164 293528.

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