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Are you looking for ECU Tuning for your vehicle?

An ECU or Engine Control Unit of a vehicle is an onboard computer containing a default software that controls and tracks several engine performance and mechanisms. Some of those mechanisms include:

  • Ignition timing
  • Acceleration
  • Air/fuel mixture and
  • Boost pressure

Car owners who prefer adding various performance modes to their vehicles should get timely ECU tuning from a professional service centre. One such workshop near Leicester is the Car Repairs Team.

We are a reliable vehicle repair centre, offering services of ECU tuning Leicester at affordable rates. Our team specialises in chip and flash tuning, standalone fuel management, piggybacks etc. Further, we stock a range of tuning box kits for preventive maintenance of a car engine.

So, visit us at Unit 5 Clarendon Business Park, Oakland Road, Leicester, LE2 6AP and enhance vehicle performance.

How do ECU tuners work?

Our experts offer both chip and flash tuning with utmost precision. They replace the existing ECU chip with a new one comprising upgraded software during a chip tuning procedure. However, we equip modern tuning devices as well. These plug into the On-Board Diagnostics Port II (OBD-II), enabling new software installation and alter your car engine settings.

Finding the correct tuner for your car is a complex process. So, contact us for professional assistance regarding car ECU tuning Leicester.

Benefits of ECU tuning

ECU tuners reprogram the onboard computer adjusting certain variables to widen the peak performance curves of your vehicle engine. A reliable ECU tuning affects some variables like:

Air/fuel ratio

After adding aftermarket parts to your car, you might need to recalibrate the air-fuel ratio. Too much fuel in this mixture results in a rich ratio, whereas less fuel indicates a lean ratio. However, an ECU tuner helps in adjusting this ratio accordingly.

Ignition timing

Ignition timing or spark timing determines the instance when a spark plug fires at the end of a compression stroke. It depends on fuel type, air/fuel ratio, RPM and engine temperature. Changing the cylinder heads or adding performance modes alters car engine conditions. In that case, reprogramming the ignition timing by opting for ECU tuning from our facility will help you improve vehicle performance.

Our experts use modern equipment like a dynamometer to tune the ignition timing.

Quit searching for ‘ECU tuning services near me’.

Dial 01164 293528 for further information.