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Are you looking for Suspension for your vehicle?

Your vehicle's suspension system facilitates a comfortable and controlled driving experience.

An optimally functioning suspension system will limit the juddering and jerks caused by the road surface.

So, if you suddenly feel every other bump while driving, it is time for suspension checks.

A complete suspension check Leicester from Car Repairs Team will ensure maximum vehicle performance and safety.

Our team provides cost-effective solutions to resolve suspension-related issues with the assistance of the latest agencies and equipment.

Identifying suspension issues

A damaged suspension system will show the following symptoms:

Vehicle drifts while driving

Does your car drift in another direction when you take a turn?

It might be an indication of an ill-functioning suspension system. Such an issue can take place due to damaged or defective coil springs.

Uneven tyre wear

Your vehicle's tyre wear occurs naturally when the suspension system works optimally. If your car's suspension is compromised, your tyres will wear out inconsistently.

It shows that the suspension cannot evenly distribute the vehicle's weight, putting additional pressure on one of the tyres.

Fluid leakage

Do you find grease on the shock absorbers of your car's suspension?

It can be due to fluid leakage. Make sure to contact our facility for a professional check.

Uncomfortable ride

Modern vehicles come fitted with an advanced suspension system responsible for limiting the jerks and impacts of the road.

The shock absorbers control the spring release after going through an impact.

A damaged shock absorber will be unable to handle this impact, resulting in bumps and uncomfortable rides.

If you begin to feel every bump, it indicates your vehicle needs urgent professional attention.

Other signs include:

  • Vehicle nose-diving when brakes are applied
  • One corner of the car sits low

Why choose us?

When you reach us for suspension servicing Leicester, our experts will check the following car components:

  • Struts
  • Shock absorbers
  • Dampers
  • Springs, etc.

Experts at our workshop will first conduct a detailed examination of different components of the car suspension system to find the possible problems.

Once done, they will offer prompt solutions to rectify the issues. Please note that we do not repair damaged suspension components in most cases.

However, our experts will offer required replacements using OE-grade spares so that you can enjoy enhanced safety and reliable performance.

If you need any other information, call us on 01164 293528.